International Women’s Day

– Americans are going to vote for a man, named Hillary –

An extract of an interview by Dolores Orosco of the Brazilian daily O Globo with Prof. Dr. Maria Elisa Cevasco

“Feminism is defeated”. This acknowledgement, made at a moment that 40 years earlier the feminists emblematically burned their brassieres, is from Prof. Dr. Maria Elisa Cevasco, 56 years old, doctor in literature and professor of the faculty of Cultural Studies at the University of São Paulo. She experienced the turbulence of the feministic movement and it is with deception that she reaches to this conclusion.

“Only in another world with outspoken human values and not commanded by marketing is feminism feasible”. In her opinion the women of the Movimento Sem Terra (The Movement of Landless People) are much more a symbol of feminism then the singer Madonna. “The celebrities have their faces full of botox. It is a farce. All the time the same and still presenting oneself as renewed.”

Is feminism a utopia? Certainly the movement has accomplished something, but many a chance is left aside. Unfortunately many opportunities have been lost in these four decades.
The world has not been changed. And exactly that was possible in the sixties… In that period there was a central shock, two different lines of thinking. And the winner changed the world in a place where consumerism was much more important, creating a society of spectacles where people got more and more dumb. It is useless to be a feminist in such a society.

What about Hillary Clinton? She has a chance to become the most powerful woman in the world…..
But Hillary Clinton is not a representative of the women coming to power. What is a woman grasping power but acts as a man? Her speeches are overloaded with the idea “I can do what the men in politics do also”. So what is the difference? It should be much better if she, in an abundantly clear male world as politics is, presents something new, humanizing politics.
“The Americans are going to vote for a man, named Hillary”