"Bush, meu filho, resolve tua crise" – "Bush, my son, solve your crisis”

During an encounter in Recife(PE) between Brazilian and Mexican businessmen, president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said, that an economic crisis in the USA and the preservation of the self-esteem of the Brazilian entrepreneurs are the only two matters of his concern in relation to the Brazilian economy.

Lula confirmed that he had called the president of North-America George W. Bush twice to tell him to get hold of the crisis, consequently his colleague, as Lula had learned, had been a bit irritated by the comments the Brazilian president made.
“I called him and said, Bush, my son, the problem is as follows, we have been 26 years without [economic] grow. Now as we start to grow, you disturb it. Solve your crisis.”

He continued to state that Brazil has the knowledge to solve the bank crisis, referring to Proer, a programme created to recuperate the financial institutions which faced bankruptcy in the nineties of the last century. “When they need it, we will send them [USA] this technology.” Lula said.

Lula concluded his speech speaking about the expansion of the Brazilian-Mexico trade with an explanation of the PAC (Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento = Program to Accelerate the Economic Grow), which stimulates the home market and compared the Bolsa Família (program for financial support to the poor) with the miraculous multiplication of bread, one of the miracles attributed to Jesus Christ.
“The multiplication of the breads, of which Christ spoke, is exactly that.” he confirmed.