Heavy rainfall here in the Amazônia region frustrated

Heavy rainfall here in the Amazônia region frustrated my communication devices, i.e. my radio-antenna for internet and my telephone line. Consequently for some weeks now I have not been able to post new articles, although some interesting things happened.
I know, I know, it is the rain season, but nevertheless there is much more and much more heavy and intense rainfall than in previous years. At this moment my internet is working again and I hope to post some articles in the next few days. They have been written during the last weeks and I shall use the date of writing and not the date of posting, to get them in the right order.
I hope my connection stays stable, so that I can upload the articles.
Sorry for the inconvenience and please come back soon.

Update: All articles about the World Social Forum have been posted in order with the date of writing. I hope they will give the reader a good impression of the event as it took place. With regard to the discussions the bloggosphere reports in great length about all topics, so that I could restrict myself to the periphery.