The Battle against Slave Labour in Brazil

One of the items on the FSM (World Social Forum) was the slavery. But always when I talk or write about slave labour, I get commented that I have to show pictures to prove my case. My words are apparently not credible enough or the horrific and the disgrace of contemporary slave labour rise above the human mind and should be underlined with hardcore photos. Slavery in the sex industry is widely recognized as existing, but slavery in the “normal” industry, especially in the sugar cane, is often seen as excessive. And the “evidence” is often no more than words, because pictures are almost never available.

To my joy Leonardo Sakamoto published on his blog a video, which I like to copy here. Expect no images of slave-drivers with swinging whips, the modern slave-driver is more subtle: He simply is a crass sweater. I translate here his short text:

Click on the picture above, the video opens in a new window.

This video “Frente de Trabalho”, made on behalf of the Sindicato Nacional dos Auditores Fiscais do Trabalho (Sinait = Union of Labour Inspectors) addresses the battle against modern slave labour in Brazil. Director: Caio Cavechini.

Caio, one of the best directors among the young makers of documentaries, also directed “Correntes” (Chains), in cooperation with “Repórter Brasil”, among other national and international award-winning documentaries.