Polemic: Lula’s White Blue-Eyed Bankers

Last Thursday 26 March during a visit of British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva blamed the rich countries for the crisis.
“The crisis was caused by irrational behaviour of white people with blue eyes, who in the past seemed to know everything, and now show no knowledge at all”, said Lula in reference to foreign speculators in the first world countries.
When asked by a journalist whether his statement would not have an ideological bias, Lula said: “As I do not know any black or indigenous banker […] I can only say that it is impossible that the part of mankind, which is the worst victim, shall pay for this crisis. This is not possible,” he added.
”We can not allow the poor to be the first to pay the bill run up by the rich,” he emphasized.

During his statement to the press, at the Alvorada Palace (the Brazilian White House), with the visiting British Prime-Minister at his side, the president compared the financial crisis to a fever and also defended the actions of the government as inducer and articulator of policy.

“It is usually said that the government only is a hindrance, and when the crisis happened, those who seemed to be the “gods of the economy”, seek that same “non-knowledgeable” government, to save them.“

And continued to defend regulations for the international financial system, by saying: “It is not possible to have a society where you enter a shopping mall or an airport without being filmed, always being watched, and the financial system is not monitored and has no regulations.”

Lula said that the global economic crisis will worsen if the G-20 meeting in London in April does not submit concrete initiatives to recover the global economy.

“If the G-20 is just a meeting to mark another meeting, we will be discredited and the crisis may worsen”.

Lula questions the effectiveness of the economic package presented by the President of the United States, Barack Obama, which provides for USD 1 trillion for the purchase of assets considered “toxic”.
“If Obama made the decision in the best interest to the United States. Great. I hope it works,” he said “but I can not use the little money we have left, to buy titles that I call “rotten”,” he added.

He stated also that he hopes that Obama, in the G-20 meeting in London, presents a plan as the views of the American president are supreme and must be respected.

AmericaBlog’s “Chris in Paris” writes in his post “Lula and Berlusconi need therapy”:
“The last time I checked, disgraced but wealthy Merrill Lynch CEO Stanley O’Neal is African-American…..” and contests Lula’s words. Clearly he doesn’t understand the language and the way-of-thinking in developing countries and doesn’t know how the people living in these countries see AND experience daily the Americans living in their countries.
Lula’s words had nothing to do with racism or discrimination, but everything with the cold truth as the big speculators (including bankers) of the USA created the mess the US and the world are in, in the first place and the European bankers ran into this pit out of greed too. Have you heard of any ‘coloured’ bank in Latin America which needed bail-out money? Brazilian banks proved to be sound. So, Lula is right, it were the “white, blue-eyed bankers” and it is of no importance that by any coincidence there was somewhere, sometime a ‘black banker’.
Lula’s words, blunt as they came from his infamous big mouth, are however correct. The poor, developing and emerging countries are suffering most, thanks to the insatiable greed of the white, blue-eyed bankers of the rich countries.
A sore blogpost. Better read the text in the original language first, before starting to shoot. Incredible that in general you attack the main stream media and now use their words as basis for your blog. A blogpost not worthy the slogan: “A Great Nation Deserves The Truth”. It is not Lula who needs therapy, the white, blue-eyed bankers (speculators as Lula said) in the US and Europe need it most and urgently as well, as they don’t seem to be inclined to change their attitude. So don’t blame Lula without knowing what you are talking about.