President Lula and the Prisoner’s Mother

As incoherent as a Wild West shooting was the dialogue between the TV reporter and a woman, who was crying on the sidewalk in front of a prison where a rebellion was enkindling.

90102-Estado abriu mão de cumprir a lei“You have family there?”

“My son,” a distressed voice tells the reporter, “he ran into some trouble due to bad company, but he is a very good boy.”

The son’s record shows however that it’s not just ‘some trouble he ran into’: murder, armed robbery, rape, attempted murder, and from there on. The mother doesn’t know anything, or pretends to know nothing. Her son is a very good boy.

As incoherent as this conversation during the prison rebellion, is the arbitrary acquittal by President Lula of all offenders, who belong to his inner circle. Embezzlement, theft, robbery, money laundering, racketeering, organised crime, invading bank secrecy, and one or two mayors murdered – whatever the committed crime, the perpetrators remain innocent. According to Lula they are good companions. They are good boys. Of course, the press is the perpetrator, as it suffers from an epidemic need to accuse and sees sin where only is virtue.

José Dirceu, Antonio Palocci, Matilde Ribeiro, Benedita da Silva, Severino Cavalcanti, Jader Barbalho, Renan Calheiros, Fernando Collor, Romero Jucá, all mensaleiros (accomplices who receive monthly bribes), all sanguessugas (leeches), all aloprados (persons, who according to Lula not know what they do) and now the president of the Senate José Sarney ─ the list is as long as the telephone directory of the ruling class. And Lula keeps up the pretension he doesn’t know anything.

The difference between president Lula and the mother of the prisoner is that she tries to help a criminal who is behind bars because he is an ordinary person, Lula only helps criminals who remain at liberty because they are uncommon. Destination turned her into a genuine mother of an arrested criminal. His slyness turns Lula into the mother of criminals on the loose.

It is almost impossible to list all the scandals popped up during the almost 7 years of a Lula administration, It is even worse trying to summarize them, because, stacked, they form a mountain. Paradoxically, the more cases of fraud appear, the more, president Lula appears to be blind.

90641-dedonocuCan you believe that all this happened and still happens in a government elected on a platform of morality and ethics? Can you believe the president is affiliated to a party, when still in the opposition, behaved like the pedant of the world? It didn’t work out that way, of course. But still, Lula has a voter’s approval of almost 90% in the Northeast, where he became the “Father of the Poor”. Not even a sociological study would be able to explain these contradictions.

Nothing explains this moral decay that gives high popularity levels to Lula da Silva. We have the impression that the exhaustive repetition of scandals, corruption and attacks against the order, promoted by the government itself, eventually stops influencing the norm of conduct of poor minded Brazilians – let’s say: the majority – which elected Lula as its ultimate representative.

90641-image017Considering normal mental faculties, any voter with minimal consciousness, will refuse to approve of a man who is the summary of deterioration of moral values which should build and sustain a healthy society.

Note: This is a free compilation of two Brazilian blogs: first the blog of Augusto Nunes in Veja and second the blog of Gabriela/Arthur at Movimento da Ordem Vigilia contra Corrupção

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