One of the Natural Wonders of the World

It is quite frustrating to have nothing else to write about then the amazing number of corruption scandals in Congress and Senate and the president of the Brazilian Republic himself, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, trivialising this criminal behaviour.

Therefore and as it is the dry season in the Amazon region, this and next posts will highlight the beauty of the Amazônia, as long as it still exists.
90511-image001To see this marvel the tourist has to be very quick as just in less than one year (August 2008 till May 2009) 1.084 km2 has been cut down. Ok, it is getting better as in the previous year some 4.143 km2 has been deforested with the federal states of Pará (37%) and Mato Grosso (27%) in the lead.

Here, everything is superlative: there are 5.5 million km2 of forest rich in biological reserves, which has millions of plant and animal species and extends to nine countries. And the Amazon River, with its largest watershed on the planet, is also the longest on Earth, with 6.992 kilometers – the discovery was made in 2008, until then, it was thought that the champion was the River Nile, in Africa.


Crisscrossing the Amazon delta, the best way is by boat, and being somewhere in the middle of the Amazon Rainforest the visitor is overwhelmed by this unique experience. Fortunately there are still optimists, who believe the Amazon will survive. One of them is Carlos Joly, professor of plant biology from the Institute of Biology of UNICAMP (SP), stating:  “Brazil has well-preserved natural environments, with features difficult to find anywhere else in the world.” That’s true, for as long as it takes to cut it down.

I am less optimistic. One of the Natural Wonders of the World will be destroyed in due course by Environment Criminals. Don’t worry; they will take care of that. And Lula? Ah, he only cries: “The Amazon is ours.” in other words: let it be cut down, burned and destroyed by my friends for their enrichment and the “welfare of the nation”.

Words are unable to describe the beauty, so let’s be still and let the photographer tell the story. Enjoy!




Note: I borrowed the photos. They may not be copied without the express permission of the Author.