Brazilians and Their Values

90118-FSM - Manifestantes“Values” was the subject of a study as part of the Brazilian Human Development Report, commissioned by the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP). According to the study, questioning 500 thousand Brazilians, the country, even today, is lacking values. With the open question: “What should change in Brazil to really improve your life?”, most responded with: the lack of respect, honesty, justice, peace, love, the absence of prejudice, humanity, the spiritual value, responsibility and awareness, together with the expected: education, safety, health and employment.

The coordinator of the report, Flávio Comim of PrimaPágina, a market research company, sees the answers as something that “leads us to a new concept of values of life: not only morally or ethically, not just financially, but the values practiced day to day.” As it was the first time that such a research was accompanied with an open question, allowing respondents to answer as they wish, he believes this influenced the results. Of course, there were problems in the responses related to health, education and employment, but this time the Brazilians could write down the “hows” and “whys”. It was also the first time worldwide that a national report of the UNDP had chosen for an open question.

90137-marcha-de-abertura_foto1To the most objective questions, people responded in the first place to education and violence, themes that will be highlighted in the report. As for education, increased demand didn’t go to more content, but to a lack of school space that is supposed to transmit values to students. On violence, which appeared most were complaints about the violence against the person such as aggression, rather than violence against property and theft.

Among those who responded to the market survey, were residents of the largest Brazilian municipalities and the ten with the lowest Human Development Index (HDI). Respondents could also participate on the website of the campaign, while customers of companies like TIM (telephony), Natura (cosmetics) and those visiting the sites of Globo TV and MTV could also fill in the questionnaire. According to Flávio Comim, it was evident that the partner companies were responsible for the large number of respondents to the market survey.

90136-Natal sem Fome (Lula)01The challenge now is to change the Brazilian society and to give body to the “values” mentioned in the report. An impossible task with the larger part of Congressmen, Senators and other public officials as corrupt as possible and a president who is the ultimate representative of the ‘petralha’ movement.

Note: the word “petralha” I defined in a previous post. If you want to know the definition click here.


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