A Presidential Dictionary

jbosco 080228Based on Lula’s speeches, a new book, written by the journalist Ali Kamel, examines Lula’s popularity, in spite of his verbal excessiveness.

In the public opinion there are three Lula’s:

President Lula is a great orator, a communicator with no equals in recent history of this country, who uses his own life path to make him in a simple way understood by the people, managing the traditional family values, his personal rise in society and conciliation. The talent of his oratory and the link he creates with the common crowd are factors that naturally turbines his stratospheric popularity.

President Lula is a politician who deliberately simplifies, for electoral purposes, the complex task of governing Brazil. Frequently he commits blunders in reference to the history of the country and the world, demonstrating his ignorance of common facts. He uses vulgar words and distressing metaphors. Often, he ridicules his own ignorance and despises those who have more knowledge than he has.

jbosco - LulaPresident Lula is the undisputed leader or (depends on who you speak to) a puppet on a string of a movement, called here in Brazil petralha. Petralha is the contraction of PT (Partido dos Trabalhadores = Brazilian socialist party) and the Irmãos Metralha (The Beagle Boys in English). The word identifies a member of a moralistic political party that when in power, deceives, steals, kills, lies, corrupts and installs a cleptocracia, in other words a state governed by crooks.

Which of the three profiles of President Lula is correct? Probably, all three.

90739--lula-madriThe reader of the above mentioned, recently by Ed. New Frontier (671 pages), published book should be able to distil with clarity the real Lula from this monumental work written by Ali Kamel. His “Lula’s Dictionary – a president exposed by his own words” is the result of a research whereby, never shown before in this country, a president is characterised not by what others have to say about him, but by what he says about others, and with overwhelming frequency about himself.
An authentic autobiography.

90826 – cartoons courtesy J.Bosco – O Liberal