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Don’t think I am the only one frustratingly writing about Brazil at this moment. Luckily you meet others also struggling with the present disastrous political situation in Brazil and what they write is worth a translation in English. Here a free translation of an article, written by the O Globo reader Adelson Oliveira dos Santos. I added some words at the end.


The ethical and moral degradation that currently rages in the Brazilian Senate – labelled the “House of Horrors” by British magazine “The Economist” and also known as: House of Ali Baba and the 40 Robbers, House of the Maharajas, House of the “I’m not there for to people”, House of Nepotism, House of the ‘Colonels’ and other sly foxes.

Anyway, back to the topic, I think that all this widespread ‘delirium tremens’ not solely is related to “your excellences”, who are paid by the people to improve the lives of that same people. I think that with the senators, a lot more people are responsible for all that mud, starting with the judges and the courts, which, due to their formal blindness, their shameful failure and their relativist arguments, do not punish anyone. The facts show, that the persons at the top, have the money to hire lawyers, who are embroiled in the loopholes of the law. And when the loopholes are not sufficient to save somebody, the courts just never come to a conviction.

90739-sarney-e-lulaResult: Due to the existing general impunity, you find in the “House of Horrors”, the most dangerous and corrupt scoundrels, shielded by cooperating partners and privileged by the discredited political institutions in this country. I think if the dirt is muddy in the Senate, everywhere else it is a puddle of mud.

But this is not the way things should work. The Senate is an institution of the Republic that touches the lives of all Brazilian citizens either for the good or for the bad, but due to malpractice and corruption, the members of the Senate sit at the bottom of a cesspit, rotted, degenerated and corrupted. And if you touch the lives of all Brazilians, the question which arises all the time, is: “Why are the Brazilians not revolting? Where are the marches and demonstrations in the streets for ethics in politics? Where is the OAB (Association of Lawyers), the Organization for Human Rights, the Public Ministry, the intellectuals, the “painted-faces”, showing the world that Brazil is a serious country?

This immoral silence depresses me and zooms in my ears. We can not leave the solution of the problems in the Senate in the hands of a few senators who resist, fight and rampage heroically against the malpractices of the Senate’s president José Sarney, malpractices cynically concealed by the government of President Lula, who is enchanted by power and want to continue his mamata*), his fairy-travels with the AeroLula, and maintain at any cost, what is there.

The moral decay that now shakes the Senate does not relate only to senators. It relates also to the people. The people alienated and opportunistic, who elected this gang of fuckups, by selling their votes for some food, a brick, a promise, a Bolsa Família or public employment. Related also, are the elites who, in exchange for benefits, any advantage, contributed to put these individuals in the “House of Horrors” to execute maracutaias*) and manage our destinations.

And now José? What do you think to do? Or what do you think the people accept? To solve the problem the people have only two exits: either they remain silent onlookers, as you, José, continue stimulating the degradation of the Senate’s ethics and morality, until the election of 2010, or the people go to the street, all of them, and require ethics in politics and the abandonment of malpractice of the established mob.

90739-lula-mt-pac2_thumbnailYeah. After all, when the civil principles, ethics and morality, do not stand up anymore, nothing else remains than the barricades in the streets. Revolution was invented for it. Finally, I share the words of the philosopher Romano: “There are not enough words to describe the degradation and ethical corruption of the Brazilian State. We need someone with the capacity of a Dante Alighieri, because it is a hell”, referring to the Italian political writer and author of the Divina Comedia.

But the Brazilian people don’t go to the street, never ever. And the next election? The people will elect the same crooks, who elected, will declare that the voters absolved them, so that they can start again corrupting the system and enriching themselves and their friends. In Brazil nothing changes. It is and always will remain a third world country, whatever its wealth and technological status.
Charles de Gaulle’s famous words: “This is not a serious country”, spoken decades ago, are still valid.

*) Mamata = a government in which financial benefits are given to politicians and protected persons without any services in return in relation to the volume of the benefits received.
*) Maracutaia (literally: Shocker) = is a mischievous and illegal manoeuvre against one or several persons, to obtain profit or benefits for another person or particular group. It is an act of bad faith.

90739-quadrilha8 lula sarney

Note: Not surprisingly José Sarney is absolved by the Ethics Commission of The Senate. Back to business.