The Cerrado Suffers Worse Than The Amazon

Each year Brazil deforests an area of 20 square kilometres of the savannah region, here called the Cerrado. That’s twice as much as what Brazil is deforesting in the Amazon.

80515-Cerrado_ecoregionMinister of the Environment, Carlos Minc, announced the approval of an amendment to the Constitution which makes the Cerrado and the Caatinga national heritage. “It’s of utmost importance that we also extend the monitoring of deforestation to other biomes such as the Caatinga, Pantanal and Pampa”, Carlos Minc said.

“Beginning in June 2010,” he said, “it will be possible to set targets to reduce the deforestation in all biomes. The Cerrado is the source of most of the country’s abundance of water and it can’t be allowed that it is harmed by agribusiness,” he said.

80515-Bonfim_047“Ten years ago, according to our data, as well in the Amazon as in the Cerrado 20 thousand square kilometres per year were cleared. Thanks to the programs implemented by the government we have reduced the deforestation of the Amazon biome with 50%. The bad news is that we are yet to do so in the Cerrado,” said Minc.

source: Agency Brazil