Carnival 2010 – “Don’t pee in the street, Ok?”

Just a few more days and Brazil can finally start the new year. Looks something like the Chinese New Year, but in fact in Brazil the new year starts after Carnival. Whatever you want, don’t ask a Brazilian to do it before carnival. For him it’s a laughable request. The New Year starts after carnival.

Zeyla Victória – Mulata do Gois 2010

Being that, well, let’s enjoy Brazilian “Carnaval 2010” with few words and a lot of pictures. In between some serious items to discuss, but in general I will show just the fun, the little scandals, the little incidents. Enjoy.

First a serious and at the same time a funny item. During carnival beer flows through the streets in abundance, but it’s not only beer that flows. With the slogan “Don’t pee in the street, Ok?” the city council of Rio de Janeiro tries to restrict the ocean of urine flowing through the streets during carnival, remember the law of physics: what goes in, goes out.

But it’s not that simple. What is the carnival’s reveller supposed to do when his intake of beer requires him to find a spot to discharge. And that of course urgently. Even with the increased number of chemical toilets, this year four thousand, four times more than in 2009, the reveller is among some million others who want to use the same toilet. And then what is 4,000 toilets in a city of 13 million people taking part in this festivity?

In the carnival’s block Céu na Terra (Heaven on Earth) early on Saturday in Santa Teresa, revellers dressed as bushmen were carrying signs, that said: “All right, don’t pee here, Ok?” The signs were distributed by the beer sponsor of the street carnival, calling the attention of those who accompanied the parade.
No problem with that, but the City withdrew on Friday the eight toilets installed in that area and the revellers were held hostage in bars and homes which charged up to BRL 2.00 (USD 1,10) when they wanted to relieve themselves.

Shortness of toilets or not, the municipality is serious. A special contingent of police officers will be hunting the badly-behaving reveller during this carnival. Whoever is caught in the act will be transported to the police station and penalized for lewd act. In the eyes of the municipality there is no justification for urinating against the door of people, on the beach, for all those who mess up the city.

Sunday afternoon 42 people, including six women, were caught urinating in the street during the parade of the block Boitatá, in the Praça XV, and in the Banda of Ipanema, in the southern zone, an Italian, a Mexican, two Danes and an Englishman were caught.
The number of detainees over the weekend has already reached 87.

The one’s death, is the other one’s bread. Police, with the support of the Municipal Guard, dismantled an illegal action of three men who demanded an entry fee for the chemical toilets made available to the public free of charge by the city. They charged BRL 0.50 (USD 0.30) and somewhere else even BRL 1.00 (USD 0.55)

Without doubt the mayor of Rio de Janeiro will present a “urinating”-analysis after carnival 2010. Rio de Janeiro is definitely preparing for the World Football Championship and the Olympics.

Photographs: O Globo