In Brazil Facebook Eats Dust

American computer scientist, software developer, and creator of the social networking site Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, might have been named by Time Magazine ‘Person of the Year 2010’, for the Brazilian internet user his Facebook is of no importance.

As emerging countries are becoming world powers, the big challenge for Facebook in the coming period is to reverse its current situation in the so-called BRIC countries.

Zuckerberg’s social network might have knocked over Orkut in India, but the other BRIC countries, Brazil, China and Russia are still resisting the dominance of Facebook.

A new map of the world’s most popular social networks built on internet traffic data obtained from Alexa and Google Trends shows that in Brazil, Orkut is the leader, in China, Qzone, and in Russia, V Kontakte.

Facebook, the largest social networking site in the world, occupies in Brazil just the third place between social networks, according to figures compiled by Ibope, one of the major market research companies in Latin America.

In February, the creation of Mark Zuckerberg got in Brazil eight million unique visitors, in July just a bit more 8.2 million, far behind Orkut (26.9 million) and in the shadow of Twitter (8.8 million).

In Brazil, Facebook was accessed by 22% of active internet users, compared with 73% of Google’s social network and 24% of the micro-blogging service Twitter.

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