The Beautiful Mascots of Brazilian Football

Concurso Gata do Paulistão 2011

Every now and then I have to include some light-hearted article in this mostly serious weblog. Brazil has many positive sides. One of them is the existence of its beauties.

This weekend, here in Brazil, starts the football competition. For the region of São Paulo, it is the Campeonato Paulista with 20 professional football teams, or as the Americans say soccer teams.

It is a bit different here. Europe has its uncultured, aggressive, rude, noisy troublemakers and its vandals, all simply called hooligans, although supporters of a club.
Fortunately we don’t (yet) have that irritant phenomenon here. The Federação Paulista de Futebol (Football Federation of São Paulo) keeps its supporters happy not only with emotion during the football games, but also by organising a Concurso Gata do Paulistão 2011 (a contest between the female mascots of the various football teams).
Twenty formidable competitors. And in the end, only one, the most voted by the visitors of the website of the FPF, wins the title: “Gata do Paulistão 2011”

The contest sponsored by the Federação Paulista de Futebol had its first edition in 2010. This year, the second edition, comes with everything. Beautiful girls with perfectly shaped bodies.

Enjoy the photos. Behind the girl’s name, the name of the football club she represents.

Renata Monteiro - Botafogo de Ribeirão Preto / Priscila Cruz - Linense / Nicolli Moreira - Mirasol

Jessica Barreto - Santos / Iara Vieira - São Bernardo / Vivi Pinheiro - Ponte Preta

Dayane Alencar - Mogi Mirim / Julie Ferreira - Noroeste / Mirela Bedore - Oeste

Nayara Salim - Paulista / Karine El Kurdi - Portuguesa / Priscila Cardoso - Gremio-Prudente

Suzanne Reyes - São Caetano / Danubia Santos - Palmeiras / Sandra França - São Paulo

Eliana Pasking - Bragantino / Ana Minerato - Corinthians / Naiana Nascimento - Ituano

Juliana Carvalho - Santo-André / Debora Chalem - Americana

Photos: Divulgação – Federação Paulista de Futebol