Happy New Year

This last day of the year, I will not irritate you with a story about packaging. Although, stupidity sometimes leads to a form of packaging, very rare in this world. Well, with an open mind, you can call the following example as a form of packaging, namely packaging your car between the walls of a staircase. For me, the ultimate in stupidity, but also a nice final number of this year.

In São Paulo a driver tried to descend a flight of steps with his car and of course got stuck between the walls.

Photo: Eliezer dos Santos/VC no G1

After exiting his car through the window, he declared that he didn’t recognise the road as a cul-de-sac and thought that the stairs were just the continuation of the road.

The story doesn’t tell whether it was a male or female driver, but in any case a Brazilian.

The streets of Belém, Brazil, the city where I live, showed Christmas decorations made from recycled material, like PET bottles. The illumination was inaugurated on the 16th of December - Photos Reuters

Happy New Year.