The National Passion has a New Representative

Inspired by the spirit of Christmas, Rosana Ferreira dressed as Mamãe Noel.

It is the end of the year and many are celebrating these holidays. I like to top this year with a light-hearted item. Running up to Carnival in February, we will see some more serious articles regarding live in Brazil. I hope that visitors of this blog not solely restrict their interest to the scantily clad Brazilian beauties, I offer my readers every now and then. Brazilian life has much more to offer. But for the end of the year enjoy Miss Bumbum 2011.

There is no country in the world with a beauty contest where the bumbum (female derriere) is centre piece, except Brazil. Everywhere in the world the feminist movements would be fired up, screaming hell and damnation. Not in Brazil. Of course also here a growing number of lunatic humourless hypocrites are fighting what the Brazilian and his counterpart enjoy.

It is not a mere surprise that Brazil is known, among other reasons more or less noble, as the country with the beautiful female butts. Besides the genetical characteristics of the Brazilian female body, the history of Brazilian show business has always been marked by girls who dared and proudly raised the banner of “Queen of the Bumbum”.

In addition to genetics, along came a fashion detail – of course small – to provide power to the symbolism around the “national passion”. Created in France in 1946, the bikini became popular in Brazil in the late 50’s. The small two-piece outfit was a hit among tv and film celebrities who showed off on the beaches of Copacabana and not long after the mini-pieces of cloth were flashed all along the Brazilian coast, covering only small parts of the girls, evolving into the (in)famous “fio-dental”.

Take a look at carnival within a few months. Carnival is coming and so the adoration of the bumbum. The bumbum, for the male Brazilian, that is, is not simply a female butt, behind, backside, bum, buttocks, it is and always will be the most adorable part of the female body. He doesn’t see it as just the fleshy part of the female body that she sits on, it is elevated to be the national passion. Bumbum is a pet name, nothing degrading, only admiration.
And she knows it and appreciates the attention that part of her body receives.

Oh, don’t make a mistake. The Brazilian female is well emancipated. She, without any doubt, rules the Brazilian world, in economics, in politics, in education and whatever you want. Only, there is one difference with the rest of the world. The Brazilian woman never ever forgot her femininity. She is emancipated, without doubt, but never forgot to show her female attractions, and behave with femininity. She is the epitome of the real emancipated woman and not the caricatural and narrow-minded feminist. She refuses to be transformed into a pseudo-macho, a de-feminized creature, a bitch.

And so we ended up with the annual contest of Miss Bumbum.

In early December, the bumbum of Rosana Ferreira, representative for the federal state of Ceará, was chosen the most beautiful in Brazil by the readers of the magazine “Sexy”. Besides the award of BRL 5,000 (USD 2,780), the winner was guaranteed a test for a photo shoot for the cover of the Christmas issue of the magazine, which hit the newsstands the 26th of December. Maybe too late as a Christmas Present.

Graciella Carvalho from Maranhão

Of the 27 candidates, each federal state had a representative, who started the race, 15 were selected for the final. The second place was for Graciella Carvalho from Maranhão, and third place for Mariana Freitas from Acre.

In an interview after winning the contest, the blonde said she isn’t thinking about posing naked for any magazine. “Not even for good money,” said the girl. But barely was she crowned “Miss Bumbum 2011”, or Rosana Ferreira signed a contract to pose nude and to grace the cover of the next issue of “Sexy” magazine.

Mariana Freitas from Acre

If you want to see all 15 finalists, go to “15 finalistas” or “15 candidatas” and enjoy.

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