King Momo officially opens Carnival in Belém

Even here up north we have carnival. Monday 23 January carnival in Belém started with the introduction of King Momo 2012.

King Momo is a character in Greek mythology, who became a symbol of Carnival. He is considered the owner of Carnival. It is he who controls the revelry. He has a mocking, delusional and sarcastic personality.

In Greek mythology, Momo (Complaint) was one of the children that the goddess Nyx, the personification of the night, had without a father, or with Erebus.

Momo is the son of the sleep and the night, and eventually was expelled from Olympus – home of the gods – because he had such fun mocking the other deities.

Well, he is not the most attractive personality during carnival, and particularly not photogenic. Fortunately during the official opening of the carnival in Belém do Pará, there were other people to admire.

It also was the night that the queens of the several social clubs presented themselves to the public. The first performance in a range of shows, which have to lead to the election of the Rainha das Rainhas (The Queen of the Queens).

Photos: Bruno Cecim (O Liberal)