Children’s Carnival Inaugurates the Sambadrôme in Rio

In blue and green, girls are preparing to enter the parade for the junior samba school Império do Futuro

As I wrote in my previous post, the carnival parades in São Paulo started Friday night. But in the meantime in Rio de Janeiro the carnival parade of the samba schools of the future inaugurated the newly-remodelled Sambadrôme. A fascinating parade of children and youngsters, who guarantee the future of the samba schools.

The princess of the drum band of Golfinhos da Guanabara, Stephany of 6 years, showed that she has the samba in her legs

It were not the famous samba dancers, queens and carnival celebrities that will open the remodelled Marquis de Sapucaí in Rio de Janeiro, the next generation of the carnival schools inaugurated the Sambadrôme, although the reconstruction hasn’t finished yet.

Master of ceremonies and the flag bearer of the junior samba school Infantes do Lins parade in Rio de Janeiro

The junior samba schools show Baianas (dancers in folkloristic traditional costumes of Bahia), samba dancers, drum bands and even its queens and muses. The parade showed that for the children and young people from 17 clubs samba dancing is an integral part of them, from the moment they were born.

Gabriela, 8 years, is the Godmother of the drum band of battery Aprendizes de Salgueiro

The Association of Mirins Schools of Rio de Janeiro (Rio-EMSA) explains that participants older than 18 years are prohibited from parading, with the exception of the master of the drum band and master choreographer, who can have a maximum age of 25 years.

A little girl gives a sympathetic show in the parade of the junior samba school Inocentes da Caprichosos

In general, the participants of junior schools are aged between 5 and 18. Despite their young age, the shows have small groups of bainanas, queens and princesses of drums, samba dancers, and couples, who act as the master of ceremonies and flag bearer.

Children parade for the junior school Aprendizes do Salgueiro, in Sapucaí, Rio de Janeiro

According to the regulation, there is no championship in the junior parades. However, schools are judged by a special jury, composed of professional artists and samba dancers, who work with children and adolescents in the communities. The best presentation is awarded with the Junior Samba Standard.

Baianas (original dancers from Bahia) of the samba school Herdeiros da Vila swirl through Sapucaí

Another prize for schools is the Olhômetro Trophy, which is given to schools in all categories which performed best during the parades. The committee evaluates the criteria of harmony, development, communication with the public, floats and props, fantasy, drum band, among others.

The Queen of the drum band Império do Futuro displays her broad smile

Most junior schools are founded by the large and well-known samba schools. Early on, children learn to share fun and responsibility. Like the official samba schools, junior schools are penalized with fines, if they delay the dispersion of their parade floats or when fewer components than required by regulation are presented.

Muse and princess of the samba school Infantes do Lins show that they can dance the samba

Enjoy the rest of the photos.

Girls of samba school Nova Geração do Estácio de Sá showed their brilliance and joy in Sapucaí

The junior muse of Filhos da Águia, the 12th junior samba school which entered the Sapucaí, parades with lots of charm

Escarlet Cristina, 12, Muse of Aprendizes de Salgueiro, shows all her charm on the avenue

The mini queen of Filhos da Águia shows all her joy during the parade on Friday the 17th

Master of ceremonies and flag bearer of the samba school Ainda Existem Crianças de Vila Kennedy show a lot of joy in Rio de Janeiro

Young drummers of the samba school Inocentes da Caprichosos

Isabela and Julio Cesar, couple of the master of ceremonies and the flag bearer of the junior school Inocentes da Caprichosos

Samba of Unidos da Águia talks about the importance of nature

Red, white and orange took over Sapucaí with the entrance of the samba school Ainda Existem Crianças de Vila Kennedy (There still exist children in Kennedy Village)

Samba school Mangueira do Amanhã enthused revellers late Friday (17).

A decorated float of the samba school Herdeiros da Vila is prepared to enter the avenue

The Muse of Inocentes da Caprichosos thrilled the audience

The Muse of Aprendizes de Salgueiro, Escarlet Cristina,12, received applause from the audience by showing swing and samba in her legs

Boys of the drum band of Mangueira do Amanhã parade in Sapucaí

Junior drum band 'Furiosinha' enlightened the parade of Aprendizes do Salgueiro

A girl shows her charm with the drum band of the junior samba school Ainda Existem Crianças de Vila Kennedy

Dressed in red, the baianas (original dancers from Bahia) of the samba school Aprendizes do Salgueiro

A group of ‘animals’ of samba school Golfinhos de Guanabara enliven the parade

All photos courtesy: Tássia Thum/ G1