Summertime in Belém is Beach Time

Sunset at the beach of Marahú, ilha do Mosqueiro, Pará (Photo Rebeca Sarges de Lemos-VC no G1)

Although just below the equator, which should indicate that, in contrast to the northern hemisphere, it should be winter in this area, in reality it is summertime. The dry season, when we don’t count the disturbances due to climate-change, started at the end of May. July is the holiday season for the roughly 2 million people living in the metropolitan area of Belém, the capital of the federal state of Pará and located at the entrance of the Amazon Delta, some 200 km south of the Atlantic Ocean.

Being the Amazon Delta, it means that the beaches surrounding Belém are river beaches, in other words sweet water beaches. Beautiful and very popular. The two most popular beaches are the ones in Mosqueiro and Outeiro. Personally I prefer Mosqueiro with it 15 beaches, each with its own characteristics.

This time of the year the temperature is above 30°C (86°F) but with a fresh breeze from the rivers it is very pleasant, while some rainfall every now and then refreshes the environment (read also my article:  A Rainy Day in Belém do Pará.

A perfect time and a perfect place to enjoy someone’s holidays. As during the month of July everybody is at the beach (the city of Belém is almost empty), the well-known and popular beaches are crowded. But there are rustic paces, as we will see in the next article.

But first some photos of the Mosqueiro and Outeiro beaches during July 2012.

Photos: Igor Mota (O Liberal)