Fantastic Girl – Menina Fantástica 2012

FANTASTIC GIRL (Menina Fantástica) is a contest that aims to discover the new Brazilian top models and will be held between August and December 2012.
Four buses, transformed into fashion studios, will crisscross Brazil in search of candidates who want to participate in the contest.

The buses stop in 250 towns in 24 federal states, where there is a potential of participants. After they have finished they have covered some 140,000 kilometres. And so this week it was Belém’s turn to receive the “Menina Fantástica” bus.

According to the organiser, model agency Mega Models, “The three previous editions of “Menina Fantástica” showed that Brazil has many kinds of beauty, as was the case with Tayná Carvalho, the winner of the last contest, who came from Belém do Pará.

This year, we will crisscross the country with an even greater coverage, close monitoring the diversity of our people, which has a mixture of unique and beautiful types”.

The pre-selection is very efficient and effective, with all the decency in place. A Jury pre-selects daily fifteen candidates for each city and the instructions are clear and simple.

Any female between 15 and 25 years, born or naturalized Brazilian and residing in the national territory, may join the contest.

The moment the girl signs up, she has to be careful, because the pre-selection starts at the same time of registration, and she might already be disqualified before she even started.

The clothes will not be evaluated, so the first tip given is that she goes to the registration with the very basics and chooses the pieces well, as a right choice can help in evaluating the body.

The advice is to use clothes that fit well on the body to get a sense of how the body of the candidate is sculptured. No dresses, wide pants or long and wide skirts. She has to show the shape of her body.

On the makeup the tip is: “The ideal is to just use concealer, foundation, transparent mascara and nothing more”. Avoid the use of shadow and blush.
And the hair? That is best to go natural. The organisers want to see how it is in everyday life.

And it isn’t a sinecure. The winner of the 1st place receives modelling contracts for a value of BRL 500,000.00 (roughly 250,000 USDollars) as a top model, for a period of five years.

Of course she has to sign an exclusive agreement with Mega Agency, the organiser of Menina Fantástica. But she will receive as well advice and consultancy from professionals, free dental and medical care, language studies, make-up, hair, and fashion instructions.

Was there any interest from the ‘meninas’ of Belém? Enjoy the photos.

After a full day of selecting girls, fifteen were pre-selected.

The next day, Saturday 15 Sept. three of them were chosen to move to the next stage of the contest.

The lucky ones were: Giovana Pimentel, 18, Yasmin Dahás, 17, and Maria Rita, 16 years old (Photo: Paulo Akira)

All photos courtesy: Portal ORM

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