Samba Dancers 2013 – Rio and São Paulo

Rio08 750x380 72dpiCarnival is getting closer. The contest for the best samba dancer, the contest for the Carnival Queens and many other contests are in full swing. Presentations are tested and some shows are open for the public. Take a look at the slideshows to have a preview for what is to be expected in the carnival parades. The top slideshow is from Rio de Janeiro, the bottom one from São Paulo. And in between a little story about the street vendor business during carnival.

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For most Brazilians carnival is just fun. One big festival which goes on for days. However for some it is business and often an essential part of their economic survival. But selling in the street, whatever you have to sell, can’t be done without properly credentialed by the local government. And thus, following Brazilian tradition and its most infamous pastime, potential street vendors have to spend some time to stand in a queue to get what they need.

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In the morning of Tuesday Jan., 22, street vendors who wanted authorization to work in the street during the carnival period were confronted with a queue that ran around several blocks from the City of Samba in Gamboa, in the Port district of Rio de Janeiro. Some people were waiting in line for over a week. The gates for the registration for street vending were opened at 8am. 5000 authorisations will be released for those who want to work in the carnival blocks.

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The Special Secretariat of Public Order had to suppress a riot earlier that morning, as people tried to break the queue and the service was suspended for about an hour.

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