Carnival Recife – Galo da Madrugada

130206-Galo galovert_002The world outside Brazil seems to think that Brazilian Carnival solely consists of the parades in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo with its female models as nude as possible. This élite carnival might be a sensation for many, it only represents a fraction. The real approach to carnival is outside Rio and São Paulo. Street carnival as organised by and for the ordinary people is in the streets of Recife, Olinda, Fortaleza, Salvador de Bahia and many small (rural) town and village, such as Cametá and Bragança, both in Pará state. The real fun is there to enjoy. There you get a taste of the real carnival atmosphere.

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Carnival of Recife is one of the best known in the world and one of the most attended in Brazil. Recife, the capital of Pernambuco state was, as every year, the stage of various cultural events: the sound of Frevo, Maracatu (an Afro-Brazilian rhythm), samba, rock, reggae and many other musical styles.

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The Multicultural Carnival of Recife is democratic, popular and, especially, original in its format. Completely decentralized, with pools of entertainment throughout the city, this format is undeniably a success. Shows are free and of high quality, both in presentations of carnival groups, and in stage shows with well-known artists and orchestras.

It all started early Saturday morning (9 Febr), with the parade of the bloc “Galo da Madrugada” (Early Morning Rooster) touring the streets of the centre of Recife. The sculpture of a Galo (cock, rooster) with a height of more than 26 metres is the sensation of the bloc.

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The party of some 1,5 million foliões (revellers), dance at the music of the bands, which don’t play solely frevo (frevo is a rhythm from Pernambuco derived from the march, the maxixee (Brazilian tango) and the capoeira).

The Galo travels a route of 4,5 kilometres and it is considered the largest carnival block in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.