Packaging for the World Cup Craze

Enthusiasm of the Brazilian football fan or not, with a few weeks to go before the World Cup 2014 kicks-off in São Paulo, the Brazilian business world is heavily promoting its products in new packaging adapted to the World Cup sphere. Slowly and timidly, there is a lot of public irritation and protest with the World Cup (read my blog Brazil In Hot Pants), shops and supermarkets are colouring yellow, green and blue, the traditional colours of the national football team, lovingly called the Canaries.

In Brazil “Football is King” and hosting the World Cup is only once in a lifetime. Despite all technical and organisational problems, the football fan will have his month long party. He doesn’t doubt for a minute that his Brazilian Canaries will be champion for the sixth time.

According to a report by Nielsen Sports, the World Cup will influence ….. continue reading