World Cup 2014 – Brazil’s Nervous Breakdown

140701-Bra-Col W540 11The Nerves, Ohh the Nerves

It’s clear that the Brazilian football fan is very, very nervous. He isn’t satisfied with and impressed by the performance of the national team in the previous matches, while the media make him crazy with their stories that the national team only consists of Neymar and the rest of the group isn’t up to the required level. Above all the fact that some football players have been seen weeping (of nerviness, fear, uncertainty ??) hasn’t helped the supporters’ faith in their ‘canaries’.

140701-Bra-Col W540 06

The 180 million Brazilian football specialists all agree that Filipão, the trainer of the national team, is doing it wrong, not simply wrong, but completely wrong.
And that all for the match with Columbia today, Friday July 4

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The nervous mood of the Brazilian spectator is perfectly envisioned by the Brazilian cartoonists of newspapers and sports blogs. Here a small selection.

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And some others have the time of their life:

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