Anton wbAs a professional packaging engineer I write for several international printed media and some websites about innovations and trends in food processing and packaging technology.
Living in the north of Brazil, facing an estuary of the Amazon river, I blog about Brazil and life in the delta of the Amazon. Serious and sincere issues with a wink to the sometimes light-hearted and light-headed Brazilian society, including its curiosities and a touch of its beauties.

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  1. Hi Anton,

    I was reading your blog from 2011 about the bus ride from Lima to Sao Paolo. I was thinking of doing that in June since I will be in Peru at the time and my friends in Brazil. I was hoping if you can give me more information on it, I can’t seem to find any booking information online, and flights are really expensive due to the WC2014. Is it a relatively safe journey? Are there alot of English speakers during the trip? Do alot of individuals do it as a means of transportation? I am nervous being on a bus for 4 days straight, but if you can vouch for it as the most economic way to get from Lima to Sao Paolo it would be great! It is unfortunate that South America doesn’t have a more reliable train system or more no-frills flight carriers!

    Thank you for your time,

    James N

    • James, I have no idea. I wrote the article in 2011 and a lot might have changed. I know, at that time, there was a website for booking a trip. I even think I gave the link in my article. Soth America always is an adventure. Don’t visit it as you are not willing to undertake an adventure. Four days or more in a bus is a special experience and worth the try. But again only when you are open and don’t complain about every little thing. It is a cheap and comfortable way to cross the continent.

  2. Hi Anton,
    I´m Mercedes, a 25 year old Argentinian Industrial Designer.I´ve worked in the Packaging field, and Im really concerned about post consumer projects regarding packaging waste.I ve just find your blog reading about TetraPak reciclying into green tiles, and im really interested in learning more about this process.Could you please provide me a list of the companies manufacturing this tiles in Brasil?I wish I could contact them.
    Thank you very much !
    A big hug,

    • Mercedes, thank for yr comment. I’m afraid I can’t help you. I wrote that article several years ago and a lot have changed in Brazil since. Furthermore I wrote various articles about recycling of tetra and others on my blog bestinpackaging.com. You can find a lot of recent info there.
      I’m afraid you have to use google. I know there is a large collection of videos about “reciclagem Tetra Paks” on YouTube. With all sorts of Brazilian companies and all sorts of recycling processes. Check it out.

  3. HI,
    I read your article about the interocontinetal highway from São Paulo to Lima. You said it was one of two, but I can’t seem to find the second one. Where is that? I would love to read more as I plan to do that trip soon by car.
    Thank you

  4. HI Anton,

    Simon Morton here from Radio NZ. I am trying to track someone down to talk to about the Nestle Supermarket boat and their door to door sales system – maybe you? You’ve written about it and wondered if you could update us on what’s happening with these two projects?

    Many thanks


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