World Cup 2014 – The Sex Worker Comes To Town

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The city where the opening of the FIFA World Cup 2014 will take place, São Paulo is expecting to receive more than 500 thousand people in that month. Football fans, including the hooligans, officials, journalists, street vendors, and all type of marketers are expected, apart from the teams which will compete in this tournament. But the state capital will also have a large influx of other business professionals: the sex workers. The expectation of the increase in sex tourism during the event caught the attention of several sex professionals from inside and outside the federal state, as they prepare to visit and have a profitable period in the state capital during this dominating event.

The to be expected huge numbers of national and foreign visitors for the World Cup has sparked the interest of girls from various styles, whether they are luxury companions or escorts who charge BRL 800 (USD 350) per program or simple girls, asking BRL 50 (USD 25) per relationship. Brenda, a capixaba (a person born in Vitória. the Capital do Espírito Santo), for example, is one of the sex workers who has already booked a flat in São Paulo and will come up with a group of nine girls from Vitória, only during the month of the World Cup. In addition, they plan to create a blog in English to promote their services.

“We will rent three flats and hire a driver to pick up guests at the hotel if needed. A program here in Vitória goes for around BRL 150 (USD 65), but we can charge up to three times during the tournament. The demand is absurd, more than during any other event”, said the 20 year old in a telephone interview.

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Juliana from Bauru, a municipality in the interior of São Paulo state, is another sex worker, who will travel with a group of friends to São Paulo during the World Cup. But unlike the girls from Vitória, she has far simpler ambitions and has no idea where she will work during the games.

Juliana charges in her hometown BRL 50 (USD 25) per program, but is forced to share the profits with the house in which she works. The 24 years old says that she has no conditions to invest in fancy plans in the state capital and therefore will not even look for a place to stay when the tournament approaches.

“We will arrive and go to Rua Augusta. The street where everybody goes. Just do not ask me where we sleep, we will look into that when we arrive. But I thought if I can get in contact with a football player? I do everything for him to marry me and take me out of here! Even already dreamed that I did it”.

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Don’t forget that São Paulo is accustomed to hosting large events such as the Formula 1 races and international conventions. However, the expectation among professionals of sex tourism is that the World Cup by far exceeds any of these events thanks to the increased importance and the magic of the games themselves. Furthermore the event covers a full month, longer than any other event of this size in the country.

Dental student in Paraná, Karina also will visit São Paulo exclusively for the World Cup. But unlike the other two sex workers, she has already signed a fixed two-week program with a German businessman, who is in town for the World Cup.

Experienced in international travel at the side of customers, the Paranáense pockets not less than BRL 10,000 (more than 4,000 USD) to give exclusive attention to the German, and have all her expenses paid.

“He will come to work in the first two weeks of the World Cup and then I expect to accompany him to Germany. I just closed the first period, for now. And if the rest is not coming, I’ll be in São Paulo until the end making programs, I have a flat available to me”, said Karina.

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But it isn’t only the sex workers themselves, who are preparing for a busy period during the World Cup. Some of the most famous houses of prostitution in the capital are also investing in infrastructure and seeking to hire professionals who speak English and Spanish.

It is the case of a massage parlour next to the Congonhas airport, which will provide up to 50% more girls for customers during the event. Moreover, the house also will feature a limousine to fetch those interested in hotels.

“The important thing is to have good communication with the hotels because they advise the guests. We already have a good experience during the Formula 1 and Indy races, but with the Cup everything should be more intense. Therefore, we will select several girls out of São Paulo in order to cater to everyone”, muses the house manager.

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And even the Brazilian government mixes itself into the world of sex. In several towns it is offering free English and Spanish language courses to sex workers. This is the case of Aprosmig (Association of Prostitutes of Minas Gerais), which intends to qualify some 30 prostitutes in Belo Horizonte to receive foreign tourists during the World Cup 2014. “There were more girls interested in the course than we had places available”, says Cida Vieira, president of Aprosmig.

“It’s all part of an effort not only for us to promote the sex industry and opportunities with the arrival of foreigners in the city, but also for us to be respected”, said Cida. “The more we empower us, the greater the dialogue that we establish with society and thus help to reduce prejudice”, she adds.

source: World Cup UOL